The importance of setting boundaries

2 min readSep 19, 2023

Boundaries serve as a guidebook to who you are for the people around you. They are pivotal to keep any type of relationship as healthy as possible and can be different based on the nature of the relationship. Although it might feel uncomfortable to speak up, it is very important.

Setting boundaries does not equal being mean, however it is in your best interest to communicate to your highest abilities, but it is also within your rights to express yourself.

Healthy boundaries can look like:

  • Saying no to something you don’t want to do
  • Communicating your needs & expectations clearly
  • Speaking your mind & being honest
  • Addressing a person hands on about an issue

Think of it as an IKEA manual to put together furniture. If you wouldn’t have clear instructions, it would take more time, trials and errors to successfully put together the pieces.

In the same way, to make it easier for yourself and the people around you, boundaries serve as a manual for YOU.

If anyone repeatedly show that they do not respect your boundaries, beware of them, for consequently they do not respect you. If anyone makes you feel bad for communicating, they are not worth your energy.

Explaining to someone why it is important to respect you is a draining process and a person respectfully asking questions is not the same as someone judging you, attacking you or downplaying what you say.

People are imperfect, but there is a difference between making mistakes and showing disrespect.

In addition to this you should show the same respect to the people around you and their boundaries. Stick to your words and commitments, communicate clearly and hold yourself accountable. This creates integrity and will elevate you tremendously.

I believe in you!




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