Is a cured patient a lost customer?

5 min readSep 18, 2023


What if I told you that a lot of people suffer from, not only physical, but mental illnesses because of what they eat, but instead of investigating it further, they are transcribed strong medicine and anti depressants. What if I told you that a change in diet and an increased knowledge about health could change all of that?

Before I got into holistic health, I was eating lots of junk food, candy and chips. I got sick a lot and took aspirins left and right. I was on birth control pills for over 6 years, which changed my overall state of being, causing me to lose a lot of weight and bleed almost every day.

By that time, I had no idea what the power of my own mind could do for my health, let alone what I put into my body — my gut — my second brain. The education I had on this topic was limited and mainly put into other peoples hands. It wasn’t until my husband started sharing his knowledge on food & health that I started really getting interested in taking charge of my own body.

So… What did I do?

I quit the junk food, eat 0 candy, chips and soda to this day and am committed to a healthy lifestyle. I started working out and have, by now, gained back the weight I lost, as well as muscle mass and an overall better physique. I quit birth control and feel so grateful to be connected to my menstrual cycle again, which for me is such an important aspect of womanhood. I take multiple vitamins a day among other things such as black seed oil and apple cider vinegar to keep my immune system up. This is something I would’ve never foreseen a few years ago, as I was not willing to give up my unhealthy lifestyle. I also had no clue about the amount of knowledge I was missing out on.

I thought my health was something I had no control over. Boy was I wrong.

What I’ve noticed since my changed lifestyle is a huge improvement of my health and state of mind. I barely get sick, have more energy and feel better about myself. The things I learn about health are mind blowing and amazing. All the different herbs, teas and foods (only to name a few) that work as preventers, stabilizers and overall health keepers are amazing! There are so many natural things we can eat & drink in order to keep ourselves healthy, but why aren’t these things being promoted and shared with the masses? Instead they are often labeled as scientifically insignificant.


“The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the research, development, production, and distribution of medications. The market has experienced significant growth during the past two decades, and pharma revenues worldwide totaled 1.48 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022.” —

I heard somewhere that “a cured patient is a lost customer” and that sentence echoes in me to this day. If we started being more in charge of our own health; learning about our bodies, our minds, what triggers our guts, what we’re allergic to, our heritage, in which soil our food is grown, eating according to the seasons — all of the things that are of great importance but have been forgotten, overshadowed, ridiculed — what would happen then? Well, overall consumption would decrease.

And what would happen if overall consumption would decrease? Profit would too.

“The market size of the US fast food industry, measured by revenue, is $331.41 billion in 2022. That’s over a quarter trillion a year in revenue.” —,trillion%20a%20year%20in%20revenue.

It’s simply a cycle: people eat fast & processed foods — cheap, quick and tasty like a sin. They don’t get the right amount of nutrients that their body needs. The ingredients in the foods are literally poisoning their system, but the education on the topic is limited and the making of the digestible products, profitable. As long as they keep buying the products, business will continue to thrive. Then they get sick, because their daily consumption of processed sugars, carbs and not to mention chemicals, food dyes and high fructose corn syrup (among other things) is far too high, even unnecessary. Then they go to the doctor to get diagnosed, medicine is prescribed and all of a sudden they are hooked on a drug that will cost them hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per year. And as the years pass by, more health issues arise and new medicine is prescribed to treat the symptoms caused by other medicines in their system. But no one is addressing the cause. If you are one of these people, I am not judging you, I want to help you.

We are treating the outcome but not curing the cause.

I want to point out that I am very grateful for healthcare of my country and the healthcare workers doing an amazing job putting in effort into helping people and patients daily. Healthcare is important and I still go to the doctor and make sure to get my checkups. With that said; I am not criticizing healthcare, I am questioning the pharmaceutical BUSINESS of it all — the companies and people at the top benefitting from people being sick so that they can keep buying their products and making a small proportion of people richer by keeping important information away from the masses. I think that is fundamentally wrong and it brings me to tears just thinking about it.

It’s like our western society has taught us we are not in control of our own bodies, but we have so much power — the power to choose what we put into our system, which will ultimately define our health.

Maybe, after reading this, you will find yourself shrugging your shoulders and labelling me a conspiracy theorist, or you’ll find yourself wanting to embark on the journey I started two years ago. Either way I hope this had an impact on you.

If you would like to improve your health and gain more knowledge, I would highly recommend you to check out Dr. Berg on youtube. He makes incredible content on health and has helped and inspired me many times. Link down below:

He recently posted a video revealing that Youtube now will take down, or hide videos from the algorithm, if quote on quote: “any information related to health doesn’t agree with the world health organization”. They are doing this to “protect you from misinformation”. Well… I’ll let that speak for itself.

“And if I would like to bring one thing with me from this article, what would that be?”

When I was in music production class the teacher told me to always go to the first source of the sound if the audio recording came out distorted. Health works in the same way. If you are not feeling good, start with the source: what are you eating?




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